Root Amputation

Molars present at the back of the mouth have two to three roots. Even if one root is removed from these teeth, the remaining roots have enough bone to support the tooth. Root amputation is a dental procedure that involves the removal of an injured or diseased root from a multi-root tooth. The tooth is then stabilized and restored to its full functionality using a crown or filling. Root amputation's general aim is to save natural teeth.

When do you require root amputation?

Root amputation can only be performed for a multi-root tooth, which is in good overall health and has a single infected or diseased root. These teeth have a healthy tooth surface, healthy underlying gums, and strong bone support. Root amputation is performed in the following scenarios:

  • When you have broken, cracked, injured, fractured teeth and roots.
  • The roots have embedded bacteria and are severely infected.
  • Critical bone recession in a concentrated area due to gum or periodontal diseases.
  • Decay affecting a concentrated area of the tooth.

How is root amputation performed?

Root amputation involves sectioning of the roots. So, prior to root amputation, root canal treatment is performed to remove the pulp, nerves and tissues. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia to avoid discomfort. 

Root amputation is a six-step procedure and is performed in the following way:

  • First, a small cut is made in the gum to completely reveal the roots of the affected tooth. 
  • Next, the diseased root is sectioned off from remaining tooth and amputated.
  • The entire area is then disinfected using saline solutions, and the incision is sutured back to secure the gum. 
  • Finally, the tooth is covered with a temporary crown to restore its functionality. 
  • Stitches are removed after 7-10 days after the gum has healed. 
  • A permanent restoration (crown or filling) is then used to fully restore the tooth.

We will prescribe several pain killers and antibiotics, depending on your unique individual needs.

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