Post-Op Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction may or may not be a surgical procedure but requires proper aftercare. Following are the instructions for immediate post-treatment care.

  • In case of bleeding, place a gauze pad on the surgical site and bite on it. Apply constant pressure on the gauze pad for 45-60 minutes to control the bleeding. If the gauze pad becomes damp with blood, use a new one.
  • Keep your head elevated at an angle of 45 degrees and reduce your physical activity for as long as possible till the surgical site heals.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water, it acts as a disinfectant and also soothes the surgical area. Refrain from using an alcohol-based mouthwash to avoid irritation in the surgical site.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene and health to keep the surgical site clean. However, don't touch or fiddle with the surgical site.
  • Control the facial swelling by pressing ice packs onto the swollen areas.
  • Take the prescribed painkillers and antibiotics to relieve pain and fight infections.
  • Take soft foods to avoid causing pressure on the surgical area. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking fluids, but avoid using a straw to prevent the clot from dislodging.
  • Refrain from smoking and chewing tobacco-based products to accelerate healing.
  • In some cases, bone sequestra may occur and some tooth fragments may be left in the gum. These small pieces that were unable to be extracted, usually make their way through the gums. If they still lay embedded and you notice some sharp particles poking through your gums, visit your doctor as soon as possible.   
  • In the case of a dry socket when the clot dislodges from its place, you might experience a shooting pain towards your ear. Dry socket is a serious condition that requires serious attention. 
  • Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco products to avoid a dry socket condition.
  • If you experience trismus or difficulty in opening and closing your mouth, there is no reason to be alarmed. Soreness eventually subsides.

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