Post-Op Dental Implant Surgery

Installation of dental implants involves a minor surgery and the recovery happens in multiple phases. It is necessary to maintain proper oral hygiene to ensure the proper fusion of implants with the jawbone. You may experience minor bleeding, swelling, and bruising.

 Each patient’s case is different, and every individual case's recovery time-frame will be different. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled accordingly.

Dental Implant: Aftercare

After dental implant surgery, you should properly care for the area surrounding the implant site. The dental implant takes time to integrate with the jawbone and you should be extremely careful during this phase. Do not disturb the surgical-site and refrain from spitting, rinsing and sucking to prevent the clot from dislodging. The following instructions will help with dental implants' aftercare:

Antibiotics and pain relievers

Take antibiotics to counter infections. Infections hinder the healing process. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water 4-5 times a day after surgery also helps in preventing infections. 

Shortly after the anesthetic wears off, take pain medication to relieve pain. You can take Tylenol®, Aleve®, ibuprofen, etc. for instant pain relief.


It is normal to spot blood in your saliva for 24 hours after the surgery. Bite on a gauze pad gently and maintain constant pressure to control the blood flow. 


Wait for the anesthetic to wear off before consuming any hot foods or beverages. This will prevent you from burning your lips, tongue, and the inside of your cheeks.

Initially, take a diet of soft foods to protect the site from unnecessary pressure. Resume your normal diet after the area has healed. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.


Proper oral health and hygiene provide the right environment to the implants for healing.  Continue with regular brushing and flossing but avoid the surgical site.  Disinfect your mouth with regular salt water rinses. 


Swelling is normal after the installation of dental implants. To minimize it, elevate your head and restrict your activity level as much as possible. Use icepacks to minimize facial swelling.

Wearing a dental prosthetic

Patients with dental prosthesis like full and partial dentures, retainers, flippers or night guards should avoid using them for the first 10 days after the surgery. 

Smoking or chewing tobacco

Smoking or chewing tobacco after a dental implant surgery increase the risk of infection and may cause failure of dental implants. Do not smoke or chew tobacco for at least two days after the surgery. 

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