Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic X-rays or panorex are used to develop a wraparound photograph of the facial structure. They provide a detailed view of the nasal area, upper and lower jaws, mandibular nerve, and the sinus areas in a single image.

Panoramic X-rays are an integral part of our comprehensive dental examination. Without panoramic X-rays, your dentist can miss out on critical information regarding tumors, cysts, and fractures. Panorex is an extraoral examination and cuts out radiation by 40%.

What are panoramic X-rays used for?

Taking a panoramic X-ray every 3-5 years helps your dentist in determining the changes that occur in your mouth over the period of time. Panoramic X-rays are used to:

  • Detect sinusitis.
  • Examine patients suffering from gag reflux.
  • Detect oral cancer at an early stage. 
  • Evaluate the progression of jaw disorders like TMJ syndrome.
  • Detect abnormal developments in the oral cavity like cysts, abscesses, jaw tumors, and disturbance in tooth eruption.
  • Expose impacted canines and wisdom teeth.
  • Reveal advanced periodontal disease, gum recession and bone loss in the oral cavity.
  • Determine the correct development of permanent teeth and the presence of extra or missing teeth.
  • Design a treatment plan for dentures, braces, implants, and tooth extraction.
  • Design a plan for cosmetic enhancements.

How are panoramic X-rays taken?

The equipment used to take panoramic X-rays consists of a rotating arm and a moving film attachment. The rotating arm holds the X-ray generator, and the moving film attachment holds the images. Your head is placed between these two devices, and you are asked to bite on a special tool, in order to position your head correctly. The correct positioning of the head is very important because it determines the clarity and sharpness of the panoramic X-ray images. The rotating arm moves in a semi-circle around your head and takes pictures. 

The panoramic X-ray images developed are enlarged by 30% to ensure the coverage of every minute detail, and are immediately available on a digital screen.

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