Dental Emergencies

There are several conditions that require immediate treatment and are known as medical emergencies. Dental emergencies involve teeth or the surrounding structure and require immediate attention from the dentist. Some of the dental emergencies are:

  • Severe pain and bleeding from gums.
  • Tooth loss due to injury or dental trauma.
  • Loose tooth with or without pain.
  • Infection or a pus-filled swelling in the mouth. 
  • Bleeding from the mouth.

What are the different dental emergencies?

Dental Pain

Dental pain is the most prevalent dental emergency that needs urgent care. You may experience tooth pain due to infections, cavities, decay, fractures, abscess pockets, or failure of a filling.  Our emergency dental care team at Bliss Campbell helps you in the following manner:

  • Antibiotics will be prescribed if an infection is detected.
  • Root canal treatment is performed to remove the diseased pulp chamber.
  • If the case of irreversible damage, tooth extraction is performed.

Dental trauma

Trauma refers to an injury either to the hard or soft tissues of the oral cavity. Injuries that involve the dental tissue and the pulp are:

  • Enamel fracture 

It is treated by attaching the tooth fragment and one year follow up through radiograph. 

  • Crown and root fracture

If the fragment is successfully retrieved, your dentist will stabilize the loose segments by cementing the fragment back on to the tooth.  If the broken fragment is lost, reconstruction is done. 

  • Extrusion

The tooth is repositioned back into the socket and splinted after cleaning with saline. Root canal treatment is to be done if there are signs of pulpal necrosis. 

  • Lateral luxation 

Reposition the tooth in its original position and splint for 4 weeks. 

  • Avulsion 

When you experience tooth loss due to injury or trauma, retrieve the knocked out tooth and quickly put in a bowl with milk or saline and immediately visit our office. If the avulsed tooth is free of debris and rubble, you can place it back in the socket.

The avulsed tooth is replanted in the socket by our emergency dental care team if the periodontal ligament in not necrotic and the tooth has been kept in a favorable environment.

Acute medical and surgical conditions

  • Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a rapidly spreading bacterial infection of the connective tissues. The symptoms include severe pain and a diffuse brawny swelling. The overlying skin becomes red, tense and shiny. It is usually associated with trismus and fever. Many a times the infection spreads to the floor of the mouth and can compromise the airways.

  • Pericoronitis

Pericoronitis is the inflammation of the soft tissues around the crown of a partially erupted tooth. It is characterized by severe pain which disturbs the patient’s sleep, swelling, discharging pus, pain, pyrexia, regional lymphadenopathy.

  • Haemorrhage 

Haemorrhages can be due to a bleeding diathesis, haematological abnormality like leukaemia, following trauma or post operative haemorrhage following tooth extraction. Its needs urgent treatment as excessive blood loss can cause shock.

Orthodontic emergencies

  • Fractured appliances

In the case of failed orthodontic appliances, the orthodontist should be informed immediately. The appliance should not be used as it will cause trauma and may cause airway obstruction. 

  • Aspirated component

Accidental ingestion of foreign components calls for a medical emergency. Chest radiographs are taken and the component is removed. If ignored, leads to abscess formation, septicemia, foreign-body granuloma and damages the digestive tract.

  • Airway obstruction

A loose dental component may obstruct the patient’s airway. If it is visible, it is removed and the patient is encouraged to cough.

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